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Cartee-Berry Wins Grand Prize in SDS/2 Solid Steel Competition — Again!
Award Recognizes Innovative, Challenging Steel Detailing Projects
Design Data SDS/2 Solid Steel Competition

Cartee-Berry & Associates is proud to announce that it has won six grand prizes in the SDS/2 Solid Steel Competition in the past 11 years — 2009 Cyber Innovation Center, 2011 UT Pedestrian Bridge, 2013 Lafarge Duct Work Wet Gas Scrubber, 2017 Pro Football Hall of Fame Stadium Phase 2, 2018 Intrepid Potash Transfer, and 2019 SCANA Bypass and Sealed Air Duct.


Cartee-Berry & Associates maintains a dedicated fiber internet connection for transfer of drawings, electronic files and quick communication with our customers. We also utilize the cloud-based services for transmitting projects to our client base for coordination with other trades.

We stay on the leading edge of technology to squeeze productivity gains where possible and we use innovative packaging of our service components to provide value to our clients and advantage over our competitors.

Cartee-Berry & Associates believes that continuous training is an important component for a fast growing company. We are committed to providing our detailers with the latest knowledge and the fastest equipment available, so that we may better serve our customers.

We currently utilize 27 SDS/2 Steel Detailing stations. SDS/2 allows us to model the steel frame in 3D so that we can view the project from any angle. This helps us to identify potential erection problems before they happen, thus making the fit up at the site go smoother.

The end result of our efforts is shorter submittal preparation time, which results in your project being fabricated and erected sooner.

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